Why bother writing a newsletter?

Preparing, authoring and writing a News letter involves a fair amount of work and I regularly am asked what benefit all this work produces, well firstly of course, you should be keeping records of all the new and returning customers and asking the magic question “Where did you hear about us” having receive the answer you need to record the information so you can look at your marketing spend and ensure it is producing the results you wanted.

Now the new letters deal with an issue called “Perceived Indifference” this is where a customer uses your services but the next time they require the same service they go to a competitor, your service was good and the value was ok, but the customer has forgotten about you and you haven’t given them a good enough reason to return.</div>

So, creating outstanding experience for your customers is something you can do, but ensuring you are in regular contact with them is vital so they think only of you and your brand when the occasion arises to use your service, the News Letter is an effective way to keep talking to your customer in an effective and regular way and can be sent to lots of your database, and it isn’t expected to be personal.The attached guide shares some of the pointers to writing your newsletter.

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