Would you like to find out how developing leadership is a focussed and achievable goal for your business and understand more about the skills we can teach your team to ensure you maximise your time, team and profits?

We have a range of Leadership development and personal development tools we use to work with you and your teams.

1) Leadership ECR 360 report – see below

2) A Range of bespoke training including advanced communication skills and coaching for perfomance.

3) Our powerful and unique Hyperion – Life programme, the most unique and powerful programme available. see http://hyperiongrowth.com/?p=277

To begin we will meet with you and understand what your business needs and advise you the next steps that you take, this meeting is entirely free and only at the end of this, and only if we see the value in working together will we move to the next stage.

Our leadership programmes can be 1:1 or perhaps you and your team would choose to undertake our Leadership masterclass run in association with our partners, Life One Great Adventure, combining the commercial skills of our own organisation with the leadership skills of the outdoor experts.

What is Emotional Capital?

Today we’re working with a new balance sheet. Knowledge, or intellectual capital has been and is the highly valued stock in most businesses.

It’s what businesses know and use to create products or solve problems and ultimately create wealth. Yet knowledge is only the first of two important assets in business.

The second is emotional capital – the feelings, beliefs, perceptions and values that people hold when they engage with any business.

It’s the emotional assets in your organisation that determine whether or not people will work well for you, buy from you, employ you and enter into business with you.

Emotional Capital – Three Core Elements:

1. External Emotional Capital – the value of the feelings and perceptions held by the customer and the external stakeholder towards your business.

2. Internal Emotional Capital – the value of the emotional commitments held in the hearts of the people within your business.

3. Intra-personal Emotional Capital – the level of positive, focused energy that you invest at work and in your personal life.

Emotional Capital Report (ECR)

There are many ways of gaining feedback on performance, but by far the most credible and compelling way is to benchmark emotional and social competencies and provide feedback using high-quality psychometric assessment tools.

Comparing our skills against a well-established benchmark of peer performance clarifies where we currently stand and has the effect of engaging our internal drive to improve.

Rigorous scientific research has identified ten emotional skills that drive leadership performance and separate great leaders from the rest. These ten skills can now be accurately measured by the Emotional Capital Report (ECR)– the world’s first scientifically developed psychometric for measuring emotional intelligence and leadership.