We have a range of modules which can be delivered on a bespoke basis, we will always meet with you to understand your business and develop a programme which best meets your business needs.

Uniquely we introduce elements of accountability to our programmes to ensure participants will get benefit. The delivery is highly professional, fun, interactive and is geared to get results.

Key areas are Sales, Customer Service-Creating Raving Fans, Leadership, Tele Sales,

Street wise Marketing Master class, Finance for Business Owners, Coaching For

Performance, Advanced Communication Skills, 90 day planning workshop.

Sales & Marketing

Team Orientation

A highly motivational meeting with your team in which you will together identify a set of values for your business and will be left with the tools to bring the new culture to life.

We will undergo a pre-meeting process to identify and align ourselves with the current organisational culture and identify the road map for the way forward.

A 2 hour meeting is arranged either at your premises or off site if you prefer. This can vary from a straight forward and highly motivational meeting to a full day away incorporating team building and some fun for your team, depending on the investment you wish to make.

Onsite team orientation       £ 1,500*


Mediation can be a very cost effective and proactive method to settle disputes.

When unable to settle a dispute, you will use mediation in order to reach an agreement. When two parties agree to use mediation, a neutral third party will work with the two parties in dispute in order develop a settlement agreement.

Our highly qualified Mediation expert, Tom Murray, will engage with the tem members to work through a resolution.

Mediation                               £ 120 per hour

(sessions last a minimum 1hour, maximum 1.5 hours.)

Coaching for Performance 

Exploring the elements and initial coaching skills that empower one human to help another achieve their full potential.

We work on the basis that the Coachee has everything within themselves that they need for success, what coaching does is nurture and guide the development of the individual, just as the Acorn can grow to a mighty Oak, the acorn needs nurturing!

Coaching for performance.

Minimum 5   £ 149.00* per person,

Additional  attendees above 5 £49.99* each 

Deals for success

The application of deal making in business is varied and has an amazing impact on our success, from striking the wining customer sale to negotiating with tem members, suppliers and customers alike is a powerful discipline.

Deals For Success

Mimimum 5   £ 149.00* per person,

Additional  attendees above 5 £49.99* each

Communication Skills Workshop

A fun, interactive and insightful workshop in which you and your team will learn how to communicate on a higher level with each other, customers, suppliers and others in your world. Understanding the tools of communication and how to harness the power of influencing others are elements of this workshop.

Communication skills

Mimimum 5   £ 149.00* per person,

Additional  attendees above 5 £49.99* each

Sales Development

Our full sales development package includes meeting with you to understand your sales process, we then take you through a process of developing an enhanced sales process, documented and supported with scripts and documentation.

We then train the team on implementation of the full process and how to improve their conversion rates through closing the sale.

Sales development

Sales process development  £ 749.00*

Sales skills (can be stand alone)

Minimum 5   £ 149.00* per person,

Additional  attendees above 5 £49.99* each

Customer service

Customer service just isn’t good enough and won’t drive word of mouth business, what we need to create are Raving Fan’s of your business. These are the customers who, un-prompted leave and tell all they know about the experience your team created for them.

We take a strategic look at how we identify your dream and cream clients or customers and how take them on the journey from being a prospect, to shopper, advocate and ultimately a Raving Fan.

As with the sales development, this is a two-stage process, developing the process and supporting with scripts, actions and critical non-essentials (ask us-go on!).

Raving Fans development

Raving Fans process development  £ 749.00*

Raving Fan’s skills (can be stand alone)

Mimimum 5   £ 149.00* per person,

Additional  attendees above 5 £49.99* each