Presentation Skills

I recently attended a one day course on public presentations which was given by Paul Fieldhouse.

It was certainly the most useful event I have participated in  and also highly enjoyable.

Paul is a refreshing speaker who holds the attention of his audience and provides an overview of his subject which is easy to understand and easy to retain.

He created a relaxed atmosphere which encouraged everyone to join in with the minimum of self-consciousness and got the most out of the attendees.

The slides, which he sent on to everyone afterwards, were clear and of lasting value.

I would recommend this event to anyone who may need to speak in public or devise presentations in future.

With best wishes,

Maria McGee

Marble Hill Soaps Ltd


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Management training at Redcastle, Oceanfront, Golf & Spa

I found Hyperion Growth via an old colleague and I found from the outset, Paul’s approach to our challenge was open minded and extremely helpful.  We started out with a discussion and progressed to a management training day for our managers.

Paul is an excellent trainer with an ability to engage all characters and personalities.  The Management training course he delivered was one of the best courses I have attended in my career as a manager. Plenty of interaction, relevant facts combined with a bit of fun and of course the required action and procedural elements. Hopefully this is the start of improving our internal processes and reflect on our current service.

I would highly recommend Paul and his company for the professionalism, content and bespoke approach to our requirements.


Debra English

Spa, Leisure and Golf Manager

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Persuasive presentations….

Paul perfected an interactive training day. It mixed theory with personal stories and allowed an intimate audience to openly learn and share experiences.

For me, the opportunity to learn from other presentations, which were guided by Paul, was an amazing way to mould knowledge.

I walked away inspired.

Ian McGlade


Here are some comments made by our clients, if you would like to grow your business or your looking for personal development then contact us for a complimentary meeting to find out more about what we do!

I participated in the DEL MAP Leadership and development programme for 6 months – the main tutor/coach being Paul Fieldhouse of Hyperion Growth

Through Paul and the ECR360 reporting tool I gained invaluable insight into how I saw myself and also how others saw me. Through working with Paul he empowered me with the knowledge to develop my own areas of leadership for development and signposted me to readings and inspiring leaders to help me grow and allowed me to work on areas that would provide me with the greatest gains in inspring my own team and helping them be more engaged

Overall the programme is excellent and I have retained Paul as a personal business mentor as a result as I recognise becoming a better leader is helping me both professionally and personally

I would strongly recommend Paul and hyperion for future leadership and engagement training

Patricia Herron, General Manager, Cromac Square, Belfast, BT2 8LA 

Thanks Paul & Tom

The day was challenging and informative in addition to being entertaining and I look forward to integrating some of the methods going forward. The presentation was seamless between yourself and Tom and anyone who did not know better would think you had been working together for many years.

Dean Spencer, Sherry Fitzgerald Property Advisers, 45 Port Road, Letterkenny

Dear Paul

During 2013, the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) introduced the Management Analysis and Planning, MAP for short.   The aim of this new programme was to identify and deliver management and leadership skills development training to small and medium enterprises.  Our application onto this programme was successful and Paul Fieldhouse from Hyperion Business Growth and Leadership was appointed as our training provider.

From the outset the management and leadership skills development training programme delivered by Paul was an incredible learning experience. It’s been a while since I’ve felt my brain soak up so much valuable information.  Each learning session was consistently high quality and extremely engaging.

Most importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities which I have personally  encountered while engaged in leading the team at Bangor Marina.   During a number of our training sessions Paul delivered and interpreted the world renowned ‘RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report’.  This excellent training tool helps identify ten key emotional skills that drive leadership performance.

The report accurately generated information about my personal potential performance across a range of skills correlated with effective leadership and management.  Throughout the training programme Paul has been an exceptional mentor, he is willing to share his skills, knowledge and expertise.  Not only does he demonstrate a positive attitude he also takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship.  Paul’s enthusiasm is catching because I want to learn more. Over the past number of months one of the most important trues I’ve come to understand is that it’s knowledge and talent driven by emotional skills are the foundation for growing an exceptional business today.

In closing I found the training offered by Paul to be an extremely positive and rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it to others. Paul has been instrumental in changing the way I manage and lead and I’m starting to see the rewards that brings.

Best regards,

Kevin Baird, Harbour Master & Marina Manager, Quay Marinas Limited,

Hi Paul,

Thanks again for your assistance with this – as promised here is a very high level questionnaire completed with Dean from Seaplane Tours today.

By the way we have had a number of people come back to us in relation to the support you have given via the Good Food Guide, and they are all really enthused by the value you have add through the conversations, you are going to be high in demand in Derry!  A big thank you as mentors of your calibre add a lot to our programme

I will chat to you soon

Kind regards

Danielle, Business Opportunities Programme, Derry City Council

We embarked on a programme with Hyperion .

Whilst we had initial reservations about how much we would get out of this exercise I must say we were overwhelmed by the results.

“Not only has our business increased significantly, but as business owners we have become more confident and streamlined.”

Our business has gone from strength to strength and we have been able to further develop our commercial contracts with the help and support of a very Knowledgeable and approachable coach.

Our team have benefited from their expertise as well.

A workshop dealing with team building and motivationwas delivered and the results from this were remarkable. Our team still talk about it and regularly refer to it. We were most impressed.

On a personal level, the changes in personal life are remarkable when you take the information and put it into practice. It is definitely life changing and a very worthwhile and challenging exercise.
I would add that for personal and business development that I could not recommend Paul Fieldhouse highly enough.

We would not be were we are today without his invaluable coaching, workshops and support.

Dawn Cudworth, D A C Commercial Ltd.

“As a business growth consultant, Paul Fieldhouse has proved an invaluable friend and mentor to both myself and to my business. I was fortunate to meet Paul when I most needed his guidance. I had spent 10 hard years working in the business I had started with great enthusiasm. But instead of things getting easier, I just seemed to be working harder, feeling more stressed and not earning any more money for my trouble.

It was Paul who showed me a better way. He has helped me reassess what I really wanted out of owning a business. He has shown me how to find time to work on my business, not just in it. He has helped me visualize what my finished business would look like. This in turn gave me a whole new perspective on what it means to own a business. I feel that I am back in control of the business’ future and not the other way around. Paul has rekindled my enthusiasm and I feel more excited about my business than I ever have

Paul has many outstanding attributes including; punctuality, sincerity, empathy, patience, dedication, enthusiasm, a winning disposition, diligence, and passion for both his work and for those he is working with. He demonstrates a wonderful ability to understand the developmental stage of those he coaches and how best to assist them. Paul excels at encouraging individuals to create their own vision of their future and make it happen.”

Jonathan Hall Opticians, Belfast

Chris and I are hammering down the M6, on our mission.

I went on Friday to do 4 pitches, and got work at all of them. 100% hit rate, for me, was unique, and credit solely to you two.

That has restored my confidence, that I can do it, from the bad place I got into exactly this time last year.

Debt collection is also proving successful, and again, with restored confidence, a much easier task.

I believe I need to follow your advice, and show leadership, and inspire the team to work toward a better goal, targeting the Networking thing ‘Getting Portadown Working’. The editor of the local paper, by the way, wants to see me re editorial.

Thanks Paul and Tom,

Presentation skills workshop

I loved the whole day. It was nerve racking at times, but very satisfying to know I am able to it and the world won’t end if I make a mistake. I would highly recommend the course was everyone experienced or not!


Karen Stewart, Evenkeel Financial, Bishops StretL’Derry

“The Presentation Skills event was very enjoyable. For someone, who spends time on Personal Development and who is expected to be the talker or speaker in our SME, I got a lot out of the day. It was great value and very well run, with good pace, content and facilities. I would recommend this to anyone who may feel that they do not speak like a Pro, for anyone who does not currently get paid to speak in public.”

Michael MacGinty, Online Business at Analyst MeanIT Web Partners,

Hi lads,

You’s are a great team in the past 5 years of been self employed and all the mentoring I have been at, this today was the best for me!

10 out of 10 for everything, well done, you should be very proud of your selves the way you work together!

Today was a lot better than I was expecting!

I cannot wait till other ones that you will be running!

Thanks lads and great value for money!

Christopher lynch, Efficient Renewables LTD, Ireland