Business growth and leadership

Who are Hyperion and what do we do?

In General by Eoin McGahon

Hyperion Growth is led by our Principal Paul Fieldhouse. Hyperion Growth are the experts in business growth and leadership development.

Hyperion is derived from the name of a Canadian Redwood. It is the tallest tree in the world standing over 115 metres tall and believed to be between 700 & 800 years old. It represents for us the strength, growth and longevity we create working in partnership with you.

What we do:

  • Make you more money
  • Leverage your time
  • Reduce stress of managing your team!

We achieve this using a systemised approach to growing your business. We will help you smash your “glass ceiling” and take your business on a journey to new levels.

Some of the results our clients get include a start-up who grew from £0 to £250k in only 12 months!




We are offering to undertake a 2-3 hour consultation with your business, at our cost. In this meeting we will identify opportunities for growth and will offer lots of solutions and suggestions to take advantage of opportunities and to overcome challenges.

At the end of the consultancy, only if we both see value in working together, do we make any decision to proceed.

We are keen to speak to business owners who are serious about growing their business.

To arrange a consultation, or for more information, email or call 07545251095.